Trying to find that special gift for someone? Check out my hand-crafted pens and pencils. I have displayed some of my recent pieces, each showing the passion I have for turning. Each item is truly a one of a kind - if you were to hold any two pieces side by side you would see each one would be individual and unique. Please browse through the pictures and, if you see a design you like but would rather have it in a different material, that’s no problem. I have made pens from corn husks, deer horn*, water buffalo, and even sunflower seed husks. But my favorites are the many types of domestic and exotic woods** available. Some are better than others, but all offer their own special characteristics. For instance, how about a beautiful pen made of Olive wood from Bethlehem (with proof of authenticity) or maybe a drafting pencil made from Snakewood or a beautiful letter opener made from Cocobolo? You can also choose from a wide variety of colorful and patterned acrylics that make great products. Each pen is presented in a protective clear plastic tube or, for a small additional charge, I will place it in a beautiful wooden box ready for giving. I have displayed just a handful of my creations but I would be happy to meet you and show you more choices (I am at the Red Hot most Monday evenings from about 6:30-8:00pm). On a personal note, I have given several pens away as gifts and every time they ask “you made this?!” and cannot believe how beautiful and personal the gift was. I do this as a hobby of passion and I hope that you find something you like, either for yourself or for someone else.

* Deer and water buffalo naturally shed and re-grow their horns - no animals were harmed in the collection of these materials.

** all domestic and exotic woods are purchased from respected and trusted companies. No forests were harvested for these materials.

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