Lace-weight Spindlespun Creamy White Alpaca

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This two-ply yarn is completely spindle spun and plied. It is creamy white (just slightly off pure white with a yellow tinge) just like milk-cream. Alpaca when spun without adding other fibers has great drape and is super soft. This alpaca yarn would make a very warm and cuddly neck wrap (a 4" by 24" scarf out of a lacy stitch) or a beanie. This yarn is not stretchy like merino or corriedale for example, so it is not the best choice for socks.

Creamy White Alpaca Handspun

100% Alpaca (washed, carded, spindle spun and spindle plied by NaturallySpun)

86 yards

22 wpi (lace weight)


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