Moon Soap Shaving Bar

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A wonderful soap for faces, and for shaving faces, chrome domes, legs, bikini etc. It is close to my basic soap recipe, with aloe vera juice to soothe, tea tree oil to help keep skin clean and clear, bentonite clay, both for it's purifying properties and it's slip-producing qualities, castor oil for a rich, creamy lather.

Lightly clove and cedarwood scented with 100% pure essential oils, often mistaken for bay rum. This is a wonderful bar for any part of the body, with some special ingredients that make it great for shaving when skin needs antispeptic care and soothing. Can be used with or without a shaving brush.

It is pretty tough to find natural, healthy shaving creams. Enjoy this bar and know you are making a better choice for your body and planet.

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Moon Soap

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