People fall in love with this soap! It really feels and smells great, and is a delight to use. Plus, you're supporting local economy and sustainable commerce practices, buying something healthy for your body and our local water sources, both natural and municipal. Don't buy "soap" at the grocery store which is really a highly processed detergent bar, shipped in on a truck from who knows where. Use this modern twist on a very traditional product made by a woman living, working, shopping and co-creating Tacoma.

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Moon Soap

Tacoma, WA 98405

I will mail or hand-deliver these soaps free of charge in Tacoma city limits. 2 bar minimum. Deliveries will be made on Monday evenings between 6-8. For those who choose to pay "in store" payment can be made upon delivery, either in person, or via check under doormat, or by specified agreement.