Below are answers to some common FeedTacoma Shops related questions. If you have any others please send them over.

What is FeedTacoma Shops?

FeedTacoma Shops is an online marketplace that brings locally sold goods, gifts, and more to a local audience all in one place. Since most retailers or sellers don't have space in a mall this is a way they can band together to show patrons that otherwise may not get to their shop what they have to offer.

Aside from selling items online, FeedTacoma Shops strives to encourage visitors to get to know what's available locally so they'll be more likely to stop into a shop knowing better what lies inside. Activity for the area's various retailers and service providers is good for them and for the success of Tacoma and our community as a whole.

Who should sell items here?

Local retailers, artists, musicians, and crafters should all feel free to post items on FeedTacoma Shops. Somewhat less obvious could be local restaurants with logo gear, organizations seeking pledges for fund-raising, someone offering clearly defined services at a set price, and any shop or eatery that offers gift certificates. I'm sure industrious people will figure out other uses as well. When in doubt, feel free to send an email if you're not sure about something you want to sell.

Does FeedTacoma charge sellers to post or sell items?

Not at all. FeedTacoma itself is a volunteer project to create quality, free resources the community can use to share perspectives, info, energy, and now, with FeedTacoma Shops, all the great ways to go local. To any retailer, having online shop should be as common and easy to access as utilities like power and water. I don't know of any shops that charge to have folks come through their doors and this website won't either.

The only charges that might occur will come if a seller decides to use PayPal which has its own transaction charges. But sellers here can choose to avoid that by requiring payment in person.

How can I get a shop started?

First, sign up for a free FeedTacoma account. Once you've signed in and updated your user info, click on the account link in the upper right corner on any FeedTacoma page. There you'll see a section labelled "Shops" with a simple two-step process of entering your shop info then items you want to sell. Once you've done that you can click the "Visit Your Shop" button to see what your new online storefront looks like.

Can I cancel an order I placed?

Once you go through the checkout step you'll receive a confirmation email with your order. You can reply directly to that email to get in touch with the seller to make arrangements to cancel the order. Otherwise, for the sake of confidence sellers have in posting their items here, please take care when adding items to your cart and verify your order before checking out.

How can I pay for the items I order?

That's up the sellers. At the time you checkout you'll be given the payment options chosen by each seller. Since most folks using this site are locals in-person payment and pickup works well. However, some sellers may want to utilize PayPal in which case you may have to sign up over there to make your payment online. When in doubt, contact the seller to figure out the best way to pay for your order.

Have more questions? Email us.