Condo Condiments

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When you go on vacation and stay at a condo you no longer need to buy a whole jar of mustard, mayo, relish and ketchup! The smallest size is the most expensive, you can't use the whole jar in a week, you can't leave it in the fridge for the next guests or take it home with you on the plane so it gets thrown out. CONDO CONDIMENTS to the rescue! Just the right amount of your favorite condiments in packets that you can take with you in your luggage, bring home unused with your or leave at the condo and only $2 each! Designed for 1 zip-lock bag of packets per person per week. Makes a great “bon voyage” gift too!
*Will make as many as you need!

also available: jelly, soy sauce, sugar, honey, syrup, parmesan cheese, taco sauce, BBQ sauce

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Condo Condiments

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