The Picture for this site is of the founder of Meier's House of Clocks, my Father, Hans Meier. Meier's House of Clocks has been in and around Tacoma since 1954. 6th Ave, The Tacoma Mall, and currently on M st.. Sales and Repairs of clocks, along with other gift items makes it a definite place to stop by. PH Factor, as the new parent company has been around since 2008. Still family owned by the Meier family, PH Factor has expanded the view of Meier's House of Clocks. Steampunk items, goggles, Art, Music and more have been included in the offerings found at our location. Come in for a very unique experience.

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PH Factor-Meier's House of Clocks

3730 S. M St.
Tacoma, WA 98418

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10AM - 6PM Monday - Saturday